Friday, June 22, 2012

June Garden Steps: Seeds or Seedlings?

The High Street Veterans Community Garden started three years ago in the High Street Veterans Public Housing Apartments. With advice and funding obtained by Bountiful Brookline and support of the Brookline Housing Authority, volunteers without previous gardening experience turned a brick and concrete terrace into a lush, productive garden that now serves 10 families. In this column HSVCG volunteers share step-by-step what they do each month to grow food in their garden at the top of the steps.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Volunteers Welcome -- Weeds, Not So Much

A post from Andrée Zaleska
Urban Grower, Bountiful Brookline

It's been extremely wet this Spring, with bursts of warmth and sunshine. This is good for the startup of the garden, bringing up an abundance of growth--early lettuces, kale and spinach are all ready to harvest and eat now. Weediness is a challenge in this weather however. My advice is to weed your garden every twelve hours.

Just kidding.

Protect our food and family farmers in the Farm Bill!

With the 2012 Farm Bill, we have the potential to start rebuilding our broken food system! Join us in asking your members of Congress to protect farmers and consumers by:
  • Giving farmers the chance to compete against corporate agribusiness
  • Protecting key programs that help improve our agricultural systems for farmers and consumers
  • Guaranteeing a fair share of research funds for non-genetically engineered crops
It's time to demand that our legislators fight for good food policy and a Fair Farm Bill today!