Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Match Made in Brookline

Harvested tomatoes to share with Tommy.
Peggy wanted to share her garden with someone.  After many years of cultivating a small portion of her yard in her spare time, she wished to expand and devote more serious attention to it.

Anna grew up with her grandmother’s and mother’s extensive back-yard gardens and was living in a condo with no outdoor space.

We met at the Garden Sharing workshop at Bountiful Brookline’s Spring into Gardening event in March. Peggy, a panelist, described her rewarding experience partnering the previous year with a neighbor who subsequently moved to another city.  Anna, in the audience, was eager to find an opportunity to grow food somewhere close by.  As it turned out, we lived a short walk from each other, and we forged a partnership to share an organic garden.   Another workshop participant, Tommy, volunteered to help us dig, accepting in return a share of our tomato harvest.