Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Growing Bountiful Brookline

Growing Community
Over the course of its history, Brookline has been an important agricultural community as well as a leader in progressive land use planning. Bountiful Brookline seeks to honor this past and to embrace a new model for urban community agriculture.

A New Model
Unlike traditional community farms, Bountiful Brookline hopes to embracing public and private sites and locations throughout the community. Brookline benefits from a wealth of potential growing locations. Public, private, institutional and corporate land parcels including parks and private yards, roofs, balconies, walls and fences offer infinite opportunities to support this community wide agriculture model.

Growing Bountiful Brookline
Over the next three to five years we will support Brookline growing with town wide food production, resource sharing and opportunities for young and old.
In this first season we received small donations and in-kind support. Your time, money and materials will help us grow.

2009 Partner Projects
• Gardening @ High Street Veterans Apts., Brookline Housing Authority.
• 200’ Commuter Garden, 99 Kent St., Winn Development.
• The Heath School Garden, Heath Elementary School, 100 Elliot St.