Vegetable Gardening in Your College Dorm Room

During college, students will do everything possible to survive while on the college campus. The tons of daily academic tasks and assignments are making them busy; thus, making it a training ground before hitting the real world. Being in a dorm is one of the usual things for a college student. They need to make sure that their allowance will keep them full until the next comes in. This is why college students should be resourceful enough to find foods that will not make their pockets empty. This is when vegetable gardening can become very handy for them. This is a process where they can grow indoor vegetable plants, so they can simply harvest in case they need it. Having vegetables in your dorm will ensure that you will always have something fresh to fill you up.
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Benefits of Vegetable Gardening for College Students

• It provides food during emergencies
College students need to find ways to balance their budget to make ends meet, and vegetable gardening in their college dorm helps a lot. Imagine if they have some indoor vegetables, they can instantly make salads or add a taste of greens to their food. This will save them some money that they can use for other purposes. If they are on the verge of going out of allowance, they can always rely on their vegetable garden, and it will get them through with their meals.
• It can be a source of income
When the vegetable garden in the student dorm provides a good harvest, they can always make extra cash out of it. They can sell the vegetables to their dorm mates or participate in a school fair, and the income can add support to their expenses. This experience can grow into a business they can put up slowly after graduating in college.
• Healthy hobby
There are students who do vegetable gardening in dorm rooms because they consider it as a healthy hobby. It’s quite healthy in the sense that the presence of plants or vegetables in a room can have a calming effect on people, and the harvest can be eaten instead of fast food or junk food. This can provide healthy nutrition to mind and body
Vegetable gardening in college dorm rooms is now trending, and the new generation is seeing the good effects on them physically, mentally, and financially.