Cathy Ries Neal, director - edible landscape designer, Urban Ag. consultant
Alexa Vasios, project manager - farm intern, garden educator, local food enthusiast
Kira Kendall, communications & outreach coordinator - 

Alden Caldwell, Director, Brookline Schools Food Service
Jenny LaVigne - Community Gardener, Educator, Local Food enthusiast
John Lee - Local Farmer/Food Advocate
Amie Lindenboim - Food Policy Organizer, Community gardener, porch garden wizard
Randolph Meiklejohn - Schoolyard garden coordinator, Seasoned backyard gardener
Diane Sokal - Seasoned backyard gardener

Garden Partners

Bountiful Brookline has supported these gardens in the community with seeds, supplies, funds and publicity. Without these great partners Brookline would not be so bountiful! Look out for great stories and ideas from our garden partners. 

Want to get your hands dirty? We'll keep you posted or you can contact them to find out how and when help is needed in the gardens.

Public Housing
• High Street Veterans Community Garden

This community garden serves residents of the High Street Veterans Public Housing Apartments. With funding obtained by BB and support of the Brookline Housing Authority, a lush, productive garden has grown out of a brick terrace. Serving over ten families currently, the garden’s goal to be self-sufficient is in progress with an onsite composting operation and cold frames in 2011.

• Sussman House for Seniors and Disabled
 Teens Grow Food, Bountiful Brookline's summer farming program built and installed eight raised bed gardens including several accessible ones in 2011. Residents of Sussman House continue to enjoy the benefits of growing their own vegetables and flowers. 

Egmont Street Veterans 
With new interest and seeds from Bountiful Brookline, we look forward to sharing updates about whats growing in north Brookline this season! 

• 200' Garden
  The 200’ Garden is a stretch of garden along the fence at 99 Kent Street. In its fourth season its a public garden there for the picking. It brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a community garden! Its a great way to get to know neighbors. Volunteers are also welcome to help weeding, watering or simply to stop by. To learn more visit their blog or contact them at 200footgarden@gmail.com

Public Schools
• Devotion Schoolyard Garden
A dedicated team of teachers and parents host a raised bed garden in the rear school yard. Used during the school year to enhance classroom learning, during the summer Brookline Recreation Dept helps to water and enjoy the harvest. This season, Erin Taylor, Bountiful Brookline's Summer School Yard garden intern will help to plant a late summer crop for harvest when school resumes in the fall.

• Brookline High School, Community Garden
A student led project of the Food Justice Committee,  Social Justice Program, this two year old garden grows organic vegetables for several area food pantries.   
Our Beginning 
Founded in 2009 to promote access to more locally grown food we envisioned a Brookline with a local food system accessible to all. As an urban edge community of 60,000 residents, with 70 percent living in multifamily housing, access to gardening space is limited.  

Our vision of Brookline is a community where food is grown at homes and schoolyards, on public and private land as well as greenhouses, roofs, walls and fences throughout our community.  Our mission has always been to inspire and illuminate local food in Brookline - growing, preparing, savoring and sharing - as farmers and gardeners, chefs, students, educators and consumers!

In four years we metamorphosed from an idea into a community resource offering innovative programs resulting in increased local food. As we refresh in this sixth season, we will re-invigorate our core mission to best serve Brookline to once again be the “the nexus of local food".  We seek to inspire the possibilities for good food, healthy diets and community engagement - a public forum about food issues and initiatives from the hyper local to the national platform - we are what we eat!

Brookline's Agricultural Past
Over the course of its history, Brookline has been an important agricultural community as well as a leader in progressive land use planning. Bountiful Brookline honors this past and embraces a new model for urban community agriculture. Unlike traditional community farms, Bountiful Brookline  envisons a wealth of potential growing locations. Public, private, institutional and corporate land parcels including parks and private yards, roofs, balconies, walls and fences offer infinite opportunities to support this community wide agriculture.

Past Programs and Events
Garden Stewardship 
Planning, managing and harvesting local gardens to serve Brookline Food Pantry 

Spring into Gardening
A public event of inspiring workshops, demonstrations, presentations and local resources

Edible Garden Tour and Harvest Party
Celebrating edible landscapes in and around Brookline Village 

Community Gardens @ Public Housing
• High Street Veterans Community Garden• Sussman Housing for the Elderly and Disabled

Garden Installation/Garden Share
From Buttonville to Brookline Village providing individuals and neighborhoods support to grow gardens and connect with new and seasoned gardeners 

Youth Engagement
• Teen Grow Food Pilot Summer Program 
• Summer, afterschool and vacation field trips and workshops for campers (and parents)

Questions, comments, or ideas? 
Email bountifulbrookline@gmail.com