Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome to our new Garden Coordinator!


I started working for Bountiful Brookline as the new Urban Grower at the beginning of April.  It's an exciting job for me.  I've been looking to move into the world of urban agriculture professionally for a year now, and I'm grateful to have work that keeps me outside much of the time.

I have experience as a community organizer in Jamaica Plain, a teacher and a climate activist.  Most recently I created an urban homestead, the JP Green House.  JP Green House is a zero-carbon house, a demonstration home for sustainable urban living.  It was built on the passive-solar model, and includes a large vegetable garden that I farm in community with four other families.  We are open for visits and hold meetings, work-days, and events at the house (visit the website at to join our mailing list).

I come to this job with a conviction that urban agriculture is critical to re-localizing our lives, which is something we have to do for the sake of the environment and our own well-being in the future. As the Urban Grower, I will be tending the garden (with much volunteer energy!), leading workshops and field-trips in the gardens, and growing produce for at least two local restaurants.

Your vision, ideas and volunteer energy are most welcome. Please contact me anytime at [email protected] I look forward to working together.

- Andrée Collier Zaleska

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming workdays at
Greenside Out Garden at Brookline Community Foundation,
40 Webster Place, Brookline Village:

April 28
May 19
June 16
July 14
Aug 18
Sept 15
Oct 20

8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Come when you can; stay as long as you wish.