Monday, April 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Bountiful Brookline Interns

Since the spring of 2010, nine outstanding interns have worked tirelessly to coordinate and support the website & blog, social media, program and administrative tasks, volunteer coordination, events, grant writing, TGF, garden planning and growing. They have shared their time, ideas and most of all a willingness to dig in to do whatever is needed for Bountiful Brookline.

In May we will bid farewell to Mireya Taboada, a Brown University sophomore who has dedicated 20+hours/week since the new year as our Program Assistant.  Stephanie Morrow, a BU sophomore has been a part of Bountiful Brookline for two years as our Communications and Marketing Intern coordinating our social media, Website and newsletter. We are fortunate that she will be in Boston this summer and we look forward to her being a part of Bountiful Brookline for the next two years as she completes her studies at Boston University.

Your support of Bountiful Brookline through membership, events and direct donations enables us to offer a small stipend to recognize our interns efforts. Thank you.