Monday, April 23, 2012

The 2012 season is underway!

Looking for a fun way to get dirty -- or stay clean -- and make Brookline more bountiful this year?

  • Help with Bountiful Brookline's table at upcoming events.  Get to know volunteers and chat with other residents about growing local!
  • Join a committee or work crew.
  • Volunteer for a day, a season or anything in between or beyond--there's something for everyone!
Check out new opportunities below and contact us for more info.
Thank you and have a great spring!



Executive Committee provides leadership and inspiration to support the efforts of our working committees.

Membership and Fundraising Committee builds community, sponsors and support through membership, fundraising events and other hands-on activities.

Community Programs and Outreach Committee develops community projects, social media and events to promote local food production and connect people and gardens across Brookline.

Garden Planning and Education Committee provides oversight and planning for BB gardens and programs.  Whether a gardener or not, here's your chance to help grow a hardy crop of gardeners across the community.


Garden Crew
Volunteer for a day or a season or time in between at one of our gardens in Brookline Village. Our harvest is donated to the Brookline Emergency Food Pantry and sold to support our gardens and programs in the community.

Apple Tree Steward
Help with planting and management of a pair of heirloom apple trees from the Boston Tree Party. Make a commitment to learn about organic apple tree management and take responsibility to care for the trees. Training and support are provided by the Boston Tree Party.

Crop Mob
Take part in a "barn-raising" style installation of gardens around town for neighbors, schools, faith organization or eager to started growing food. Volunteer once, twice or as needed.