Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bountiful Brookline receives Carlin Award

Neal (second from right) accepts the Carlin Award.
In recognition of our work in creating and sustaining a local food system that is accessible to all, Bountiful Brookline was honored by the Friends of Brookline Public Health with its 2011 Carlin Community Health Award.  Speaking at the Friends' annual meeting on Feb. 1, Lynne Karsten, Director of Community Health, described many of Bountiful Brookline's creative and productive programs that led the Friends to select us for this honor, such as our Greenside Out and other gardens, High St. Veterans garden installation, Teens Grow Food program and more.

Additionally, a representative of Senator Cynthia Creem, who sent regrets for being unable to attend the meeting herself, read a proclamation passed by the Massachusetts State Senate recognizing Bountiful Brookline's accomplishments.  In accepting the Award, Cathy Neal, Founder of Bountiful Brookline, acknowledged in return the consistent support and encouragement the Brookline Public Health Department has provided to our initiative.