Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blueberry Festival on Aspinwall Hill

Bountiful Brookline board member and friend of Aspinwall Hill, Peggy Ueda, reports:

Co-organizer Peggy Ueda removes bird netting
from the blueberry bushes
The Friends of the Paths and Park on Aspinwall Hill celebrated the new blueberry bushes that now top our hill in Schick Park.  On a day that saw temperatures reach into the 90’s, neighbors gathered to enjoy ice cream and blueberries as well as good companionship, sports and games.  People brought their own dishes and utensils or used cones to make this a no-impact event.

The large multi-generational crowd admired the five handsome, high-bush blueberry bushes planted by the Town on request by the Friends, who were in the first place inspired by Bountiful Brookline to seek edible plantings in the park.  In fact the Friends group, which maintains and improves Aspinwall Hill’s unique network of seven paths and Schick Park, was formed last year on Bountiful Brookline’s challenge to identify edible potentials in Brookline neighborhoods.  We send a big thanks to Bountiful Brookline for getting us started!

Co-organizer Jenn Meader serves ice cream and blueberries while neighbor Reed Ueda looks on and Jenn's dog Rosie is at the ready for any droppings.

Nicky McCatty enjoys a dish of ice cream and blueberries while Mark Lowenstein shakes a mixture to make his own ice cream.

Neighbors Karen Halvorsen, her mother and
Connie Regolino relax in the shade