Thursday, June 16, 2011

Survey Says .........Whatever You Say It Says

Please fill out a brief survey to improve Bountiful Brookline's efforts
to increase opportunities for edible gardening in our community.

Bountiful Brookline, a volunteer-based local food initiative, was founded in 2009 in response to unmet needs for locally grown food. Our vision is for Brookline to create and sustain a local food system that is accessible to all.

Land costs and availability in Brookline, an urban edge community, make it unfeasible to create a single site community farm. With almost 60,000 residents and one 80 plot community garden, access to garden space is further limited as more than 70 percent of Brookline residents live in densely developed multifamily housing.

The purpose of this very brief survey is to gain feedback from the community about locally grown foods and gardens, and to find ways to make these more available to the public and to serve our community better.
follow this link to go to the survey: