Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring into Gardening Was an Amazing Day!

"It was amazing today at the 2nd Annual Spring into Gardening.........So many volunteers giving their time selflessly, food generously donated; folks raving over it,  folks paying to attend great workshops, community folks engaging in meaningful conversation/sharing stories, vendors sharing their wares and information in a great community setting , young children engaging folks and being by the young at heart, the amount of young intern energy harnessed for the greater good of the future - who knows what they will do just because they were given the chance to be part of something larger, a great speaker sharing stories of the past to inspire all of us to think about a new way of thinking for the future...Congratulations!
My warm regards, Heidi Krantz"

Thank you, Heidi for these good words that express the spirit of Spring into Gardening so well.
And thank you to all who came, to all who played a part in the day's activities, and to all who worked so hard to make this day the vibrant community celebration that it was.