Thursday, February 24, 2011

A worm by any other name would still be good for your garden.

Intensive Vermiculture Workshop
10:00 am - noon
Spring into Gardening 2011
Sunday March 27- Pierce School - 50 School Street Brookline

Sadie Richards, a member of the Urban Homesteader's League and the North Shore Permaculture Group, will present this 2-hour hands-on Intensive Vermiculture* Workshop where you can::
  • make a worm bin to take home;
  • settle some worms in their bedding;
  • learn how to keep the worms well fed with household waste; and
  • learn how to use the compost they produce to nourish your garden
Sadie is very eager to share her knowledge of vermiculture.  She told us that:
“Worms are wonderful composters which can easily be kept by anyone who wishes to reduce his or her contribution to the waste stream while simultaneously producing nutrient-rich plant fertilizer conveniently in one's home. Worm bins allow you to compost your paper and food waste year-round, and they provide an excellent learning opportunity for children and adults alike. In this hands-on workshop Sadie will cover the basics of worm-rearing, and provide you with the knowledge as well as the tools to become a master vermiculturist. Topics covered will include basic worm biology, bin setup, worm feeding, maintenance, troubleshooting and worm compost harvesting. You will leave the workshop with informational handouts and a worm bin that you have made out of a recycled plastic bin, complete with bedding and a worm colony that is ready to begin transforming your kitchen scraps into compost."

$25 workshop registration fee plus $13 for materials applies to this workshop in addition to general admission.  Materials fee is payable to the workshop leader at the workshop.

* Vermiculture - ”the cultivation of annelid worms (as earthworms or bloodworms) especially for use as bait or in composting “ Merriam Webster online