Sunday, January 30, 2011

The politics in your food

What we eat today in Brookline is directly related to food production across Massachusetts and the country as well as decisions being made in Washington DC. The real politics of food are increasingly  evident through the significant actions and debates about what we eat, how its grown, who produces it and ultimately will it help or harm us!!!
In Congress as well as in the Massachusetts Legislature there have been gains made and challenges to still address around these issues. The recently passed Bill 4568 to establish a Massachusetts Food Policy Council provides an opportunity for Massachusetts to address food production and access issues in a comprehensive way.

Over the past months although there have been several major successes in our country for food security there has also been strong resistance.
Just this past week USDA, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack approved Monsanto's genetically engineered alfalfa for widespread planting this spring. It will potentially have serious consequences for organic farmers and represents a real setback in the movement to improve our food now and for future generations. At this point President Obama must be called upon to stop this action.