Monday, July 26, 2010

Teens Grow Food Powers Up Its First Season

Thanks to funding from the Brookline Community Foundation, Teens Grow Food opened its first session last Monday, July 19 through August 13, with Bountiful Brookline's very first paid staff person, Marianna Ballou, at the helm. This summer, a small crew will farm organic vegetables at Bountiful Brookline's garden site and deliver them to the food pantry. They will participate in various workshops on the food system, hunger, nutrition, food justice, and food cultures, in addition to regular cooking sessions and tours of Brookline's local farms, residential gardens, and restaurant gardens.

We are excited to get this program launched and you can help!
Immediate garden and food prep needs include:
  • An old Food Processor
  • Gardening gloves
  • Plastic door-hanging shoe rack
  • Cooks knives
  • A large cutting board
  • Gardening shovels
  • Large cooking spoons
  • Produce Scale
Do you have a laptop computer that is sitting idle?
Give it a new life and enable our teen crew to contribute posts, share recipes and give you a great reason to visit the Bountiful Brookline blog!!!

More updates:

-Our Edible Gardens Harvest Tour is Sunday, September 19th! Find out more on our events page.

Bountiful Brookline seeks to put down more roots!!!

Interested in local fresh food in Brookline?
Want to support our efforts to grow more?

We are seeking urban farming enthusiasts and supporters to
  • Join our Steering Committee
  • Help plan upcoming Events
  • Lend a hand or a hoe for a garden
  • Be a blog writer enthusiast
Please contact us and we'll tell you more about ways you can help grow the future of our community! bountifulbrookline [at]